August 9, 2002

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    new aim sn

    ok, due to some stupid error with aim and the fact that i’ve had x0rsyst99 as a screen name for over 4 years now, i’ve got a new one. i won’t be using x0rsyst99 anymore. my new aim screenname is xorsystdotcom. More

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    survivorcam’s back!

    omg, survivorcam is back! i was just on stacy‘s site, and i saw the announcement. seems that webpig is bring it back. so if you all missed survivorcam 1 and 2, here’s your chance to see what it was all about. i wonder if i should apply… More

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    why did she do it?

    ok, i’ve got a test for all of you. read this, and then give me your answer in the comments. i will post the results tomorrow. thanks tom. It is a story about a girl….. While at the funeral of her own mother, she met this guy whom she did not know. She thought this […] More

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    friday five

    1. Do you have a car? yea, nissan sentra 2. Do you drive very often? when it’s not in the shop 3. What’s your dream car? 1997 toyota supra. i love those cars. i’m going to own one of those someday. besides that, i like mitsubishi spider’s. 4. Have you ever received a ticket? nope, […] More