September 10, 2002

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    no louis…

    well my main computer is officially messed up. i shouldnt have been messing with something and now im paying the consequences. i cant even boot into windows, or even safe mode. right now im trying to reinstall windows, but i have a feeling its not going to work. so until thats finished, i wont be […] More

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    two for tuesday

    time for the two for tuesday. 1. Are you happy where you live? If not, what isn’t working for you there? yes and no. pensacola is a good city… or it will be in 20 years. this city is growing daily. it has some awesome beaches, and some nice people. this city is known for […] More

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    life = boring

    i know ive been slacking. life has gotten boring all of a sudden! i woke up today with alot of plans before i have to leave for class at 12. wanted to go get my hair cut, but my barber was off today (not usual for him). so i have to wait till thursday. oh […] More