November 1, 2003

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    only 9pm

    i want to go to sleep now because when i finally get to sleep, its bliss. even tho the dreams ive been having lately remind me of the exact thing thats keeping me from sleeping. and its not the particular thing thats keeping me awake, its what this thing may think thats keeping me awake. […] More

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    exotic ethnic

    i feel so good right now. i went to play DDR wanting to get my mind off some things, and i was looking in the 6th mix folder, and found exotic ethnic. now i LOVE the music on that song, and it reminds me of nicola and when i was in the UK. in newcastle, […] More

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    revenge of the schoolgirls

    lol, i couldn’t stop laughing because of this article. seems some guy flashed a group of catholic school girls just before classes were dismissed. so the girls ran after him, caught him, and beat the *$&# outta him! LOL. one neigherbor saw the girls kicking and stomping the man, and all he could do was […] More