November 4, 2003

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    im such a dork sometimes. oh, and pluggage to julz and jim for giving my tagboard so much love. More

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    i found nemo

    well im back from work. it was a pretty good day. nothing exciting happened, but it wasn’t a slow day. finding nemo came out today, so EVERYONE was buying it. and my job went all out with the finding nemo ads. we even had to wear this finding nemo pin all day (as you can […] More

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    Oceans Apart

    6 o’clock in the morning My plane just touched the ground My body’s here but my heart stays there, ‘Cause it knows what I’ve found 8 o’clock in the morning My taxi drives uptown The city hides her lonely tears, ‘Cause it knows what I’ve found Oceans apart I’m still thinking of you Tears in […] More