March 29, 2008

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    Zero G Stabilizer

    What’s happening is that gyroscope built into most newer CD players that keeps the disk from skipping is exaggerated while in space. Watch this astronaut demonstrate the real power of that anti skip technology that you usually don’t even think about. Very cool stuff! More

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    The new way to play RPGs

    I will be the first one in line for when these type of screens become affordable for ordinary people! This sort of reminds me of old-school D&D around a table. I’m not much of traditional RPG games like the original Warcraft series, but with this sort of screen, I would definitely give it a chance. More

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    Majin Buu Flipbook

    I don’t know about you, but I seriously wouldn’t have the patience for this. Here’s a Dragonball Z fight between the Z fighters and Kid Buu. Amazing stuff. I guess, for an animator who draws everything by hand, this isn’t much different. More