April 4, 2008

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    G.I. Joe: 2 New Characters Cast

    Two brand new G.I. Joe movie castings were released today. We will be seeing The Rock, aka Duane Johnson playing Shipwreck. Brendan Fraser will be playing the hardcore cajun Gung Ho. Judging by all the big names in the cast, this movie is going to be HUGE. Check out my previous G.I. Joe post. Source. More

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    Frozen Ginza

    You may have heard of the Improv group that did this stunt first in Grand Central, New York City. Well I give you the Japanese version done in Ginza. More

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    Chainsaw Maid

    Sometimes I stumble across the most disturbing, yet cool videos when I’m doing my daily video rounds. This is one of those days. Be fore-warned, this is the most gory claymation I have ever seen. This maid will do anything for her master. More

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    Hiding inside a vending machine?

    The Japanese are no strangers to weird things. Tom sent me a link to an article on Cracked.com, The 13 Most Irresponsible Self Defense Gadgets Money Can Buy.” Sure enough, Japan made the list at number 12. Even though street crime in Japan is almost non-existent, Aya Tsukioka has taken to designing fashion that is […] More