April 7, 2008

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    The history of Mario

    For those of you Nintendo buffs, here’s a little history of every game that Mario has starred in during his seemingly endless life. From Donkey Kong to Super Smash Bros Brawl, its all here. More

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    Code Geass Pizza Hut Promotion

    If more companies backed and promoted anime here in the states, I think theres a good chance of breaking into the mainstream audience. Pizza Hut Japan has started a new campaign promoting the Code Geass series in Japan. When you order a pizza between March 27 and May 11th, you get a custom box with […] More

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    The ultimate Nintendo fanboy

    Now, I consider myself somewhat of a Nintendo fanboy. I can’t think of anything I didn’t like from the Miyamoto camp. However, this fan has  taken their love of all that is Mario to a whole new level. This is true fandom. Source: Pop Give via Kotaku   More