April 22, 2008

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  • Inside Pan Kissh

    Pan Kissh – Shinjuku Panty Cafe

    When you think of Japanese pop culture, you can’t overlook the sometimes perverse underground culture that is spread all over Japan. Back in the 1980s, Japan saw a rise in the amount of “bottomless” cafes where women often worked without panties and offered customers strategic views with well-placed mirrors and fans. However, Tokyo Gov. Shintaro […] More

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    Honda’s Japanese Crime Rate GPS

    For those of you living in Japan and sometime wonder if you are leaving your car in a safe area, Honda has a new GPS system that will put your mind at ease. The new crime rate detecting navigation system  links to local police stations and provides crime ratings by location. The data that is […] More

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    The Transformers Owl

    Meet Popochan, a southern white faced scops owl from South Africa. This owl is known as the transformer owl of the animal kingdom. When it wants to seem more of a threat, it will grow 3 times as large. However, when scared, you may think Popochan has some kind of owl eating disorder. Via Hemmy. More

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    Coolest NES Mod EVER

    This has to be the coolest Nintendo mod EVER. How can anything compete with this? To put a whole NES system on one of its own game cartridges is on a level of genius. Modder Kotami used an original Super Mario Brothers cartridges and squeezed all the circuitry from the original NES inside the cartridge. […] More