April 23, 2008

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    The biggest Big Mac in Japan

    Just when you thought the Mega Mac was the biggest burger in Japan, I give you the Supa Ookii Mega Oogata Biggu Makku. Sadly, Mc Donalds does not want to contribute to the obesity rate here in America, so we shall never see this Big Mac. Itadakimasu! More

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    The Hello Kitty Cocaine Ring

    Who was it that said Hello Kitty was evil? Im sure some one has said it. Now they have validation! What did Guatemalan anti-narcotics police find when they seized 1.2 tones of cocaine on its way to Mexico? Hello Kitty cocaine! So not only is Sanrio planning on having Hello Kitty model Christian Dior’s autumn/winter […] More

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    The Big Four of Akiba

    There’s a new group in Akihabara that have made the police step up their patrols since the crackdown officially started. Who are they? They call themselves the Big Four of Akiba, not to be confused with the F4 from Hana Yori Dango. These four men dress in Haruhi outfits, and carry air guns that look […] More