April 24, 2008

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    ASIMO to conduct orchestra

    Just when you think you have heard everything about Honda’s ASIMO robot, Honda finds a way to keep the spotlight shining on their incredible robot. On May 13th, ASIMO will make history and become the first robot in history to conduct a professional Orchestra. ASIMO will conduct the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and will perform “Impossible […] More

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    Who is Xiaxue?

    Not quite Japanese (Singaporean/Chinese actually), but her recent techy love made me want to post about her. The popular Singaporean Blogstar Xiaxue, aka Wendy Cheng, has made news recently slamming the IPhone in favor for a Chinese knockoff. You may have remembered Xiaxue from making Gizmodo’s Top 10 blogger babes of 2006. At first glance, […] More

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    Hennako-chan manga gets animated

    Gonzo has just announced that they will create an animated version of the gag manga Hennako-chan. Hennako-chan is about a little girl who takes pleasure messing with people and things with her psychic powers. They are going to make a weekly series of six three-minute animated shorts. Hennako-chan is a comedy comic series targeted at […] More

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    Crowded Japanese Trains

    With all the news around Japan about groping incidents, with videos like these, it is hard to imagine something inadvertently not happening. I am sure there are those that really do grope, but you have got to admit. If they didn’t pack people in like this, maybe everyone would be able to see eachother’s hands. […] More

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    Dasubee the toilet scrubbing robot

    You may be wondering if something was in that sake you were just drinking when you see a blue elephant in the public restroom. But don’t worry, that’s just Dasubee, toilet scrubbing robot. Not only can the Japanese seemingly solve any problem put in front of them, but also create a cute robot as part […] More