April 25, 2008

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    Bleach: Memories of Nobody in Theaters

    Just got this bit of news, Bleach the movie: X is playing in select theatres here in the states! Tickets go on sale May 9th, and Bleach: Memories of Nobody hits theaters June 11-12, 2008. Along with the movie, there will be a special documentary on how the characters come to life, and special never […] More

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    Cosplayers break Guinness Record

    I didn’t know that the Guinness book of World Records had a record for the largest gathering of game characters, but apperantly they do, and that number is 80 people. This record was broken on March 19, 2008. I wonder what other cosplay-like records need to be broken. How many of the characters can you […] More

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    AmerikaJinMusume dances to JPOP

    Who doesn’t like to watch a cute girl dancing to JPOP? Nobody, that’s who. Here is Youtube user, AmerikaJinMusume, and her favorite Hello! Project Dance Mixes. To check out more of her JPOP dance videos, visit her profile. More

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    Ronald McDonald lives up to hype

    I know by now you must have seen all the Mc Donald videos from Japan like the Original, and the Caramelldansen remix. Well this unfortunate Ronald Mc Donald had to live up to the pop culture hype and perform the famed catch phrase while making a visit for customers. More