April 30, 2008

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    Play Guitar Hero 3 Online 2018

    October 20, 2018 update: I have found a new Guitar Hero Online game that is not only still online, but quite fun! Check out Super Crazy Guitar Maniac! Don’t let the look fool you, I just tried it out and its WAY harder than it looks! It’s looks simple, but as you try the first […] More

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    Sex in Japan: A Documentary

    Here’s a classic clip from the BBC’s Sex in Japan documentary. This documentary tries to expose some of the rumors surrounding how the Japanese view sex, and many of the problems Japanese men and woman face regarding incorporating sex in their daily lives. Some parts of this video is NSFW, but it’s very informative. You […] More

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    Popular giant panda Ling Ling dead

    The famous chinese panda, Ling Ling, has died at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo today. The official cause of death was heart failure. In terms of panda years, he lived a long life. Although he was 22 years old by our time standards, he was about 70 years old in panda years. Zoo officials moved Ling […] More

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    Anime List: Best Anime Fanservice

    Wow, when I first had the idea for this post, I didn’t realize I would come up with so many different anime fanservice titles. I think my list ended up at around 37 different fanservice titles. So I figured instead of one long post, that would for sure drown you with all the Ecchi goodness, […] More