May 10, 2008

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    Destroying the iPod Touch

    The guys over at Broken Review are back, and this time they are testing the durability of the iPod Touch. And like their previews reviews of the Nintendo DS Lite, and the Sony PSP, they put the IPod through all of the usual tests… like dropping it into a bath tub full of water, and […] More

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    Miyuki Asao suicide by hydrogen sulfide

    Seems that the hydrogen sulfide suicides have even hit the AV world. Miyuki Asao, AV (Adult Video) star has used the gas to commit suicide. Her friends were shocked and dismayed, but knew she wasn’t very happy with her life. Miyuki Asao grew up in a wealthy family, and attended the prestigious Gakushuin school with […] More

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    Watch anime on your Zune

    For those of you that decided to say “Screw the status quo” and bought a Microsoft Zune instead of an iPod, a bit of good news has just been released. Microsoft announced that the Zune online media store has added titles from Funimation and Manga Entertainment. Some of the new titles include Afro Samurai, Whichblade, […] More