May 11, 2008

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    Stand Up!!

    I finally just finished watching Stand Up!! after around an 8 month break between the last 3 episodes. On the list of Japanese Drama’s I have watched, this one ranks near the top as one of my favorites. It’s extremely funny, yet tackles some tough topics teenagers have while growing up. Four schoolboys find themselves […] More

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    Off to St. Thomas

    If you’re reading this right now, Im on a flight to the Virgin Islands. I havn’t been there since I was a child, and I’m looking forward to seeing relatives. I am half West Indian, which im sure you wouldn’t have been able to tell by looking at me. My mother is from St. Thomas […] More

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    Japanese voyeur films shot by women

    Tousatsu videos, or in English, peeping videos are a very lucrative business in Japan. Many of these videos surface from unexpected sources. You may think that its just perverted men are the source, but if you think about it… how would a man get video cameras into these prime locations? Many of the videos floating […] More