May 16, 2008

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    Need speed? A new site for auto otaku

    If you are a fan of Japanese import cars, and drifting, the team over at Auto Otaku have been working on a new site called Speed Hunters that you may want to check out. It’s launching on May 20th, and will feature writers, photographers, and pro drivers from around the world. Speed Hunters will offer daily […] More

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    Its Game Over

    I though this was a pretty creative video. Especially because he hand drew everything you see. I wish I had to patience to try and create something like this. More

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    UK Burger King serves Kobe Beef burger

    England’s Burger King is using a premium Japanese import in a new burger that has been causing a lot of news. Burger King is now offering a $170 dollar burger made with Kobe beef. With McDonald’s serving premium coffee drinks, I think Burger King felt the need to step up their offering. In certain stores […] More