May 18, 2008

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    Mario Bros Anime

    Remember those classic Mario bros cartoons you used to watch when you were a kid? No? That doesn’t suprise me because I don’t think it lasted that long. If Japan was to create a Mario Bros anime like this, I would definitely watch it. Ah, Peach-moe. More

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    Crazy Japanese Watermelons

    With summer soon approaching, nothing says refreshing in Japan more than watermelons. While seeing the wedges of red and black fruit pieces waiting for me is enough to get me running to the table, seeing these fruits waiting for me would stop me dead in my tracks. It all started with the cubic watermelon from […] More

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    Weekend News

    Feels good to be back at my computer after my vacation to the Virgin Islands. My family is the same crazy people that I remembered when I was a kid, but they are really fun to hang out with — especially the stories from my aunts. While driving at the base of a hill I […] More