May 26, 2008

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    JPOP and JROCK Yaoi Fanworks

    While I’m not a big fan of Yaoi, there is a huge fanbase surrounding Yaoi manga and anime around the world. So when I come across something that I think Yaoi fans would like, I definitely try to help spread the word. JRock Yaoi is a very popular online community of Yaoi fans that publish […] More

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    Everyday Transformers

    By now you may have realized that I am a Transformers fan. What do you get when you combine a love for Transformers, stop motion animation, and everyday items you can find around the house? This. More

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    Playing catch up

    I hope everyone’s having a great Memorial Day weekend. I have had lots of fun with family and friends. I haven’t had a chance to post much over the weekend, so I’m here trying to catch up on email and posts, and a bad stomach virus… which I think was caused by a new Japanese […] More