May 29, 2008

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    Kuchofuku, eliminating sweaty people

    Its always cool to find useful products even though they are a bit silly. Kuchofuku is a Japanese that is concerned with the rising temperatures around the world. Well, that’s what I get from 2 of their latest products to hit the Internet. Their first product is a USB powered air conditioning shirt. For those […] More

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    World’s smallest bowl of ramen

    This bowl of ramen is guaranteed not to satisfy any appetites. Masayuki Nakao, from the University of Tokyo, has developed the worlds smallest bowl of ramen. The 1-micron (1/1000mm or 1/100th the width of a piece of human hair) wide bowl is filled with lots of 20-nanometer (1/50,000mm) thick noodles. Professor Nakao used a metal […] More

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    Narita Airport customs loses its marijuana

    Wow, just wow. Seems during a training exercise for drug sniffing dogs at Narita, things went horribly wrong. Custom officials planted 124grams of marijuana in a random traveler’s luggage to help train the dogs. However on the luggage’s trip from Hong Kong to Narita, custom officials were not aware of where the luggage was. For […] More