June 3, 2008

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    A-kon 19 breaks Guinness World Record

    Thanks to Crisu for first bringing this to my attention. Seems the short lived videogame cosplay Guinness world record has been broken by cosplayers at A-Kon 19 in Dallas Texas. The new event, which by the way is the largest continually running anime convention in North America, shattered the old record. 697 cosplayers were on […] More

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    Smell like sushi everywhere you go

    You may have wondered if there was any way to remind the people that you randomly pass by while walking in the mall of the first time they ever visited a sushi resturant. You wish that you can remind them of the subtle smell of vinegar in the air, the pungent yet inviting smell of […] More

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    Soy Sauce Ice Cream Topping?

    Talk about an unusual combination. Yamato Soy Sauce has created a new topping for Ice Cream made from… you guessed it, Soy Sauce. They are expecting the new ice cream toping to be a big hit this summer. Yamato Soy Sauce has been around since 1911, so they must know what they are doing. I […] More