June 5, 2008

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    Funimation Virtual Anime Festival

    Just got this email from Funimation. Apparently Funimation has teamed up with Vside to host a virtual anime festival. Showing at this festival will be xxxHolic and School Rumble. I really enjoyed xxxHolic, so if you havn’t seen the series, getting your spot in this festival will be worth it. The first 75 who register […] More

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    Yusuke Kamiji: World Record Blogger

    Don’t know who Yusuke Kamiji is? Don’t worry, if you live here in America, there’s no reason you would know him. However Guinness has just recognized him as the World’s most famous blogger. The criteria used for giving him that title was his blog has the most unique visitors in one day. How many unique […] More

  • Human Tetris Show

    FOX to remake Japanese Human Tetris

    Not to be outdone by ABC’s I Survived a Japanese Game Show, FOX has announced that they too will be airing a Japanese game show very soon. The difference is that FOX has decided to not create an original game show, but to take the the epitome of what America thinks of Japanese game shows, […] More

  • I Survived a Japanese Game Show

    I survived a Japanese Game Show

    Well, it is official now. Japanese game shows have invaded the United States. On Tuesday, June 24th 9 pm – 10 pm EST on ABC, you will see a new game show that ABC hopes to be a hit. The show is called I Survived A Japanese Game Show. How appropriate. ABC writes, This unscripted […] More