June 7, 2008

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    Haruhi Dance Game Details!

    New details and new screens have emerged for the new Haruhi Wii dance game. Like everyone may have figured, you will hold the Wii-mote corresponding to the icons given to you on screen. It’s a standard based timing game like Guitar Hero, or Dance Dance Revolution. The red bar gives you an idea on when […] More

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    Mario spotted in Mexico

    Seems Mario has been spotted moonlighting for Mexican restaurants. In Acapulco, the restaurant Pancho Bigotes, has hired Mario to pose for their sign. Mario is holding a cup a beer while sporting a very Pancho Villa type mustache. Nintendo is not impressed. Via Gamespark More

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    Ikkitousen – Great Guardians on PSP

    Lovers of fanservice rejoice! Ikkitousen is getting a new game for the PSP. This entry into the Ikkitousen franchise is based on the upcoming third season called Ikkitousen – Great Guardians. The PSP Game will feature lots of fighting, and lots of the other stuff Ikkitousen is known for… mainly panstu. There will be costume […] More