June 8, 2008

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  • Japanese Godzilla Statue

    Japanese parents are the new Godzilla

    A primary school in Japan put on a play of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs that featured 25 Snow Whites, but no dwarfs or wicked witches were in sight. What happened? The parents of the children didn’t feel it was fair for only one child to get to play Snow White. So rather than […] More

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    Tokyoflash: Unique Japanese Watches

    I first heard about Tokyoflash in a podcast I listen to called Japancast. They were giving away a watch as a first place prize. Whenever they were trying to describe the watch on air to listeners, they always had a difficult time explaining the appearance. Usually Japancast just told you to go to their website […] More

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    Tomohiro Kato kills 7 in Akihabara

    Tomohiro Kato (above) Today marks a sad day in Akihabara. A man with a survival knife stabbed and killed 7 people while leaving 10 people injured. Reports say he drove a truck into a crowd, got out, and proceeded to stab anyone withing distance. Police was able to apprehend Tomohiro Kato, the 25 year old […] More