June 11, 2008

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    Idoling!!! promotes Windows Vista

    Hit JPop idol group Idoling!!! is going to help Microsoft promote its Windows Vista platform throughout the summer in Japan. The group will be touring Tokyo’s major electronics stores nationwide starting June 12th. Idoling!!! was created by Fuji TV in October 2006. Fuji TV held auditions for 50 people, and out of the 50, 9 […] More

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    Tomohiro Kato: Akihabara killer details

    Lots of new details emerged since Sunday about the Tomohiro Kato Akihabara killings. Early on, the media turned their focus to the fact that he seemed to be a fan of doujinshi, military equipment, cars, and Miss Wide Open. Police found evidence of all of the above in his apartment, and of course, the media […] More

  • Linda Linda Linda Japanese Movie Poster
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    Linda Linda Linda

    I just got finished watching Linda Linda Linda, and I must say, I enjoyed it. The movie tells the story of 4 high school girls who start a band for their school’s gakuen-sai, or school festival. Three days before the festival, their lead singer quits due to a disagreement with another band member Kei. The […] More