June 12, 2008

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    Konami code in Google Reader

    Seems someone at the Google reader team is a fan of Konami games. The now infamous Konami Code (↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A) has been (re)discovered in the popular RSS reader. If you do use Google Reader, make sure you are at the Home window, and enter the Konami code […] More

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    Japan’s largest cosplay site now in English

    The largest cosplay site in Japan just got an English makeover. Cure has announced that they have opened the English version of their cosplay site. Cure opened in 2001, and has over 300,000 registered members. Huge is an understatement when talking about Cure. The site receives over 50 million page views a month. This is […] More

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    Liquid nitrogen cooled Takoyaki

    Akiba GeteQ (known for it’s bear, alligator, snake, and turtle Takoyaki) has come up with a very unique, and new kind of takoyaki called Cool-dere Q. This ball of meaty goodness is dipped in liquid nitrogen to make the outside “minus 195 degrees” but the inside piping hot. An employee describes it as, For the […] More

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    Man arrested after 3 days at restaurant

    Can someone explain this one to me. A man has been arrested for staying in a restaurant for three days, and not paying for food. Late friday, Yasuo Komatsu, came to the Gusto restaurant in front of the JR Hitachi station. While he was there, he had gyoza, hamburger steak, fried chicken and other delicious […] More

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    Stuffed animal? No, stuffed NES

    You would think it’s still hard to find cool Nintendo stuff like the Huge NES coffee table controller anymore. Nope. Blueblythe thought it was a cool idea to sew a plush Nintendo system. She then needed some games to go with it, Super Mario 3 and Duck hunt. But with Duck Hunt, you need a […] More