June 14, 2008

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    Soccer playing bird draws crowds

    A budgie is drawing crowds of people to a cafe in Suzaka, Nagano Prefecture. This 2 year old budgie has earned a reputation as a soccer player. He is able to take shots using a bell as a ball, and apperantely has skills dribbling as well. The budgie can take anything round as use it […] More

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    Yahoo! Japan bans sale of daggers

    Tomohiro Kato gestures with a military knife at a surplus store in Japan. Yahoo! Japan has made the decision today to ban sales of all daggers on their site due to fatal stabbings in Akihabara last Sunday. At the time the ban went into place, there were 3 daggers removed from the site. Yahoo! Japan […] More

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    PiQ closes QuicK

    It seems like only yesterday when Newtype closed its doors forever. But then we were given a ray of hope in their new venture PiQ magazine. However, that ray of hope was indeed short lived. AnimeOnDVD caught a blog post from a freelance journalist that wrote for PiQ. The email she received went as followed, […] More