June 15, 2008

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    Smart Car Vending Machine

    In the land of vending machines, you almost can’t be surprised what you may find in one. CSouth Japan caught one of the coolest marketing vending machines that I have ever seen. To launch the Smart Car in Japan, they have placed a Smart Car vending machine in Shibuya Station. The Smart Car vending machine […] More

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    Kamikaze Girls

    Have you ever watched a movie that you wish would never end? That’s exactly how I felt watching Kamikaze Girls. I was dreading that the movie actually had to end. Kamikaze Girls is about Momoko (Kyoko Fukada), who at no fault of her own has developed into a loner and lolita fashion addict. Due to […] More

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    New Sanrio: Cherinacherine

    Sanrio, the company that created Hello Kitty, has launched a new series of products called Cherinacherine. The two mascots of the new series are 2 female friends who cant get enough of cherries. They wear, eat, and even live in cherries. The line is aimed at 5th and 6th year elementary schoolgirls who have just […] More

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    A true gamer’s room

    Think you are the ultimate gamer? Do you play your PS3, XBox, and a Wii daily? Do you have a PSP in your left pocket, and a DS in your right? Well, I bet you don’t have one of these yet — a true gamer’s room. This guy’s room is one of a kind. It […] More