June 18, 2008

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    Yakuza 2 to be in Japanese

    Sega has scored some cool points with me for Yakuza 2. I think Japan is on like the 6th Yakuza game or something, and we are just getting a second. However, after much criticism over the original Yakuza game being dubbed — losing some of the sterotypical Yakuza-ness that American’s seem to love, Sega is […] More

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    Japanese Bikini Zone

    With America imitating so much coming out of Japan, even commercials are not off limits. Check out this viral parody of a Japanese Bikini Zone commercial… very bad Japanese might I add. More

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    Rice shoes to win at Beijing Olympics?

    When big companies are going after high-tech, revolutionary materials for the edge during the Beijing Olympics, Hitoshi Mimura goes back to basics and incorporates rice to give athletes an edge. Mimura’s running shoes incorporates rice husks in the soles. He says, The husks, which are ground and embedded in the rubber soles of racing flats, […] More

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    Talking Japanese Watches

    Here’s a cool set of watches from Fredflare for anyone who’s learning Japanese, or just wants a cool accessory. When a button is pressed, the watches will announce the time in Japanese. It’s like having a Japanese friend with you all the time, plus for $20, it’s a very cheap friend. More

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    Makoto Nagano part of Chibi-Pa festival 2008

    Life in or near Florida? Want to meet the LEGEND of Ninja Warrior himself? Here’s your chance! Makoto Nagano will make his first U.S. appearance at the Chibi-Pa festival in West Palm Beach, FL on September 27th 2008! Who is Makoto Nagano? You have got to be new to Ninja Warrior if you are wondering […] More