June 21, 2008

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    New Japanese Words

    Language is one of the many things that is constantly evolving. Here in America, the news of Webster adding new words into their dictionary is always a news worthy event. In Japan it is no different. Kojien has adopted a “few” new words into their dictionary. This is the first time in nearly a decade […] More

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    The Trons: Robot Rock Group

    Even though this one’s from New Zealand, when I think of robots, I instantly think of Japan. New Zealand has their own four piece rock band with robotic members. The robots play real instruments, and are pretty good. Ham, Wiggy, Swamp, and Fifi make up the 4 member rock band, “The Trons”. Get it? Check […] More

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    Solar Panel Plants

    Mitsubishi Corp has taken a little hint from mother nature in their new solar panel setup. They have created a “solar plant” that features leaves made up of solar panels. The faux plant mimics nature’s leaves gathering sun from all directions. Mitsubishi hopes to have these sort of plants in homes as a means to […] More