June 24, 2008

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    Inside The Simpson’s house

    I didn’t even know that people still played Quake 3 anymore. No, I kid. However, a Quake 3 game map designer has answered the age old question that has plagued mankind since 1989… What does inside of The Simpsons’s house really look like. Well now you can rest easy. Via Boing-Boing. More

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    Wii-mote foldable interactive displays

    Johnny Lee is at it again. You may remember Mr. Lee from his Wii-mote head tracking display that I posted about a few months back. This time he is demonstrating work he has done using different types of flexible and foldable displays using Wii-mote tracking as well. Check out his latest video below.Via MAKE. More

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    Ways to surprise the Japanese

    Want to surprise your Japanese friends? Or are you visiting Japan, and want to make an impression on the people there? What Japan Thinks has just published the top 20 things done by foreigners to surprise Japanese. Here are the top 10: Writing difficult kanji Bowing on the telephone Using dialect Speaking Japanese fluently Using […] More

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    Spore the next Pokemon?

    Well I’m sure you have heard of Will Wright’s next major game release. Who is Will Wright? You’ve heard of The Sims right? That’s Will. His latest project is creating waves across the Internet and there are still months before its release. It’s called Spore. In a sense, Spore will allow you to create the […] More