July 12, 2008

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    3D Super Mario Brothers

    What do you get when you spend 8 months working on a full 3D modeling of a scene from Super Mario Brothers? NES–Still-The-Best created this awesome piece of 3D art from taking 3D cubes inside Bryce 5, and painstakingly stacking them one by one just as the original Super Mario Brothers is graphically constructed. That’s […] More

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    Hello Kitty against Japanese tradition?

    Seems Hello Kitty is finally growing up. No longer is she the stylish kitty stuck in Sanrio Town (is Sanrio Town rural Japan?) In her new Nintendo DS Game, Hello Kitty along with her friends My Melody, Keroppi, and Badtz Maru are moving to the Big City. The game starts out where Hello Kitty is […] More

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    Japanese Plastic Food

    Do you know what we don’t have enough of here in America? Plastic food. Sure, we have a ton of different restaurants to choose from. Even the menu’s are pretty well covered in pictures of the restaurants offerings. But how many times have you chosen a dish only to to say, “I thought it was […] More