July 15, 2008

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    GTA Chinatown Wars [E3]

    Nintendo revealed some awesome news for the Nintendo DS fans. Coming this winter, we shall see Grand Theft Auto on the Nintendo DS in the form of Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars. Not only is this the first Grand Theft Auto game set on the Nintendo DS, but it’s also the first GTA game to […] More

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    Robotic crab acts like crab

    Bandai Japan has created this tiny robot that actually has characteristics of a real crab. It belongs to the Hex Bug line of Bandai, a line of toys that behave like the real life creature. When you turn on the crab robot, it will run sideways just like a real crab. If you make a […] More

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    New Rock Band 2 Songs [E3]

    Just announced at E3 are the full tracklisting for the new Rock Band 2 game scheduled hit shelves in September. With almost 100 new songs, Rock Band 2 is going to be an amazing release. I can’t wait! The full song list for Rock Band 2 is after the jump. If you want the mp3’s, […] More

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    Nintendo Wii Motion Plus [E3]

    Nintendo just released their new Wii-mote addition called the Wii MotionPlus. While the Wii’s controller is able to track movement well, this little piece of hardware will boost the remote’s game tracking control to better represent the movement in 3D space. What does this mean for games? In the small press release, Nintendo doesn’t say […] More