July 22, 2008

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  • Pikachu's muscles
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    New protein named after Pikachu

    You just have to already know this is coming from Japan. A group of researchers at the Osaka Bioscience Institute has discovered a protein that is vital to transmitting information to the brain Yomiuri writes, The researchers believe that the protein plays a role in determining the efficiency of kinetic vision. They therefore named the […] More

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    NES inside classic controller

    When will the NES mods stop? Never I hope, as they are beyond cool. I wish I had the time, patience, and the Magiver-like genious to know how to do it. Not to be outdone by making a portable NES system out of a game cartridge, G-Force, a moderator at BenHeck.com, and the same mod […] More

  • Japanese Prison

    Tokyo fashion from Japan prisons

    The latest fashion craze hitting Tokyo comes from an place most don’t consider very fashionable… jail. The inmates at Hakodate Juvenile Prison have produced a line of cotton aprons, bags, and pouches that are sweeping Japan. All of the designs are sold out from their prison’s official Internet store. These items officially went on sale […] More