July 29, 2008

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    5 reasons why Shoko Nakagawa is awesome

    If you don’t know who Shoko Nakagawa is, you have missed out on one of the most entertaining, funny, and truly moe idols ever. She is not only a successful gravure idol, but she can also sing, act, and is one of the biggest otaku in the world! Yep, you heard me. She is probably […] More

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    Nanaca Crash!

    Looking for a fun way to waste time that involves a cute anime girl named Nanaca running into Taichi with her bike causing him to go flying in the air all while being rated for distance? Yea, I know you are. So that’s why I choose to share Nanaca Crash! The game is very simple, […] More

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    Bandai Namco wants more subtitles

    We all know that the overseas anime and gaming markets are growing at a ridiculous pace. Anime companies in Japan, in particular, simply cannot keep up with the demand in non-Japanese speaking regions. Bandai Namco must have realized this, and have taken the first steps to help their overseas distribution. Bandai Namco announced on Monday […] More