August 1, 2008

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    Amazing Japan volleyball point

    With the Beijing Olympics only 7 days away, I’m sure the blog-o-sphere is going to be buzzing with sports news.  I hope we have as much excitement during the games as this movie. Here’s a classic clip from a volleyball match between Japan and Brazil. I didn’t know that you could keep a ball in […] More

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    Lucky Star Tattoo

    Here’s a fan of Lucky Star for you! Sunsqlit Tattoo did this awesome black & gray tattoo on what looks like a man’s back. While the tattoo is awesome, look at the hair surrounding it. Once it grows back, Kagami is going to have a mouthful of hair! Sunsqlit Tattoo Designs via Syu’s quiz blog More

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    July 2008 stats

    Is it me, or is 2008 flying by! Only 4 more months till 2009. That’s a bit scary as I’m haven’t even begun to think of Christmas. That’s for another post. July was the best month for so far! Saying that is beginning to be a habit thanks to all of you! Now for […] More