August 4, 2008

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    MIXI Echo, it’s Twitter for MIXI

    In an attempt to take advantage of the microblogging wave that is sweeping the world thanks to Twitter, MIXI has debuted their new service called MIXI Echo. Just like Twitter, with MIXI Echo you can type a short (150 character) message, and it will be broadcast to all of your friends using the service. What’s […] More

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    World Cosplay Summit 2008

    Every year in Nagoya, cosplayers from around the world come to the World Cosplay Summit to show off their costumes, and to compete against the very best. Here are a few videos from the annual parade. I believe Brazil won for this year. Check out more videos of the World Cosplay Summit 2008 at New […] More

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    Japan swimmers promise 5 medals

    Japan has promised to bring home 5 medals during the swimming competitions during the Beijing Olympic Games. Japan’s coach, Koji Ueno has told reporters, We have prepared very well and the swimmers are in scintillating form. Breaststroke champion Kosuke Kitajima showed he was in true form at the training camp in Jeju, and broke the […] More