August 6, 2008

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    Code Geass: What is the Fukushahado?

    The origins of the Fukushahado begin with Indian scientist Rakshata Chawla. Her specialties include medical cybernetics, and she is the director of the Black Knight’s R&D team. Her past is shrouded in mystery as she usually doesn’t speak of it. But from what we do know, she was a student at Imperial Colchester Insitute where […] More

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    Google street view tour of Akihabara

    I’m surprised more sites aren’t talking about this since it was talked about on Japan Probe. Google’s street view is now available for Tokyo!. I almost instantly started to search around Akihabara to see what I could find. It seems the Google street view car cruised around Tokyo during the mornings to avoid traffic. Sadly, […] More

  • Pizza Hut Japan

    Pizza Hut Japan: Hot dog pizza

    We need more established companies in America that are a bit more willing to try new things, even if they do seem a bit crazy. Just think about the publicity they would get even if the new product turns out to be horrible. They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Take Pizza Hut […] More

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    NTT DoCoMo controls devices with eyes

    I’m starting to consider NTT the mad scientists of Japan. All the cool stuff that you think no other company is working on, like smell-o-vision, you can be sure NTT is doing it. Now, they are working on a music interface that’s controlled by your eyes. Yes, your eyes. You will soon be able to […] More