August 8, 2008

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    Homegrown marijuana problem in Japan

    Japan is facing an increasing marijuana problem. The number of marijuana cases reported for the first half of this year has risen 12 percent (1,202) from last year. If this trend continues, police fear that 2008 will be a record year for marijuana cases. While this number would seem like something a small city in […] More

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    Best Buy’s gadget vending machine

    Seems Best Buy took a cue from Japan’s vending machine addiction. In the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, someone spotted this new Best Buy Express vending machine. They are located at Terminal B’s Gate 29 and Terminal E’s Gate 32. What’s inside? Since this is Best Buy’s vending machine, it obviously has electronics. You can purchase IPods […] More

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    Beijing Olympics 2008 in Legos

    I think it’s going to be tough to top this lego creation for the time being. To celebrate the 2008 Beijing Olympics, this lego replica of the Olympic grounds is on display in the Grand Century Place in Hong Kong until August 31st.The attention to detail is amazing. I would love to see this in […] More