August 11, 2008

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    The fresh salmon pillow

    While this piece of salmon may look like the start of a perfect dinner, you are more likely to end up sleeping with it than eatting it… I hope. This amazing replica salmon is actually a pillow. You can get your own from Rakuten for only 2,500 yen ($23). The attention to detail is pretty […] More

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    Chinese teen fad: Live fish necklaces

    Since everyone’s fixated on China these days, for obvious reasons, I thought I would take a look at a new trend among Chinese youths and entrepreneurs. It seems like the Chinese population can’t get enough of wearing fish as fashion. In Chengdu city, teens are snatching up plastic pendants that houses small fish inside. These […] More

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    Project Beauty: Your own makeup consultant

    Japanese women will soon be able to have the wisdom of a beauty consultant in the palm of their hand. On November 27th, Sega will release their latest Nintendo DS title called Project Beauty. The DS title takes digital images of the users face, and then analyzes the position of their eyes, lips, cheeks, and […] More