August 12, 2008

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    Dragonball Movie Leak: Chi Chi vs Mai

    Here’s a leaked clip from the upcoming Dragonball movie. Seems an extra had his mobile phone recording while they were filming. I’m sure this won’t wont be up long once FOX finds out. At the end, you will see Chi Chi yell and then run to Goku. More

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    Pokemon movies make 50 billion yen

    Pokemon means big money in Japan. That may seem like an obvious statement. With the 11th Pokemon film still showing in Japanese theaters, the movie franchise has reached 50 billion yen (460 million dollars). The first Pokemon was released in 1998 and brought in 7.2 billion yen. Since then, one movie has been released each […] More

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    Kosuke Kitajima trains with Nintendo Wii

    I would definitely consider Kosuke Kitajima the face of Japanese olympics this year. Kitajima lived up to expectations and took gold for the 100m breaststroke. When preparing for the Olympics, it takes years of tough training and physical preperation. However, many times we don’t hear about the mental prepreation taken by the athletes. Kitajima told […] More