August 13, 2008

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    Braille karaoke for the blind

    Have you ever thought about the blind not being able to enjoy Karaoke with songs they do not know? Neither did I. Two Japanese companies, Telesoft and Seika, are set on creating a Karaoke system that doesn’t leave them out. The Braille Karaoke system synchronizes the on-screen lyrics with a special braille device that allows […] More

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    Play DVDs on your Wii

    This was bound to happen someday, too bad Nintendo had nothing to do with it. Seems a group of Wii coders have made an application that allows the Wii to have DVD playback. The technique installs a tiny, hidden channel on the Wii that features a DVD access library. Then using the MPlayer application, you […] More

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    A real sushi wedding cake

    Good enough to eat? We have all seen cakes that look like sushi. However, this wedding cake is a bit different. It’s actually made of real sushi ingredients! This wedding cake was made for Jef and Jin Yoon who seems to really love sushi. So a friend made this cake for their reception. The couple […] More