September 11, 2008

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    Monster crab caught in Hokkaido

    This monster Hanasaki crab was caught off the coast of Hokkaido on September 10th. It’s more than twice the size of the largest crabs available in Japanese markets. The suprised fisherman was 60 year old Katsunori Narita. At around 4am, while picking up a string of 50 traps, he spotted the monster crab. The male […] More

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    BoA tries to conquer American pop industry

    While I’m not the biggest fan of BoA, I do like her music from the early part of the 2000’s (Atlantis Princess, Listen to my heart). Yesterday it has been made official that she’s taking her career to America to try and tackle one of the most critical pop industries there is. Her official kickoff […] More

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    Love wine? Try The Drop of Gods

    Have you ever want to learn more about wine, but felt a bit intimidated by books about wine written by and for aficionados? Well the manga series Kami No Shizuka (The Drops of God) may be for you. The Drops of God has been popular with fans since its release in 2004. The story revolves […] More