September 27, 2008

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    Want to host a Japanese game show on MTV?

    Seems that MTV is indeed looking for a host for a pilot they are planning. I first saw this on Ningin, which linked Slant eye for the round eye, which linked to Nikkei View. Nikkei View apparently was sent an email from Suzette Brown, a casting producer for MTV’s Series development and animation. I was […] More

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    King Kizer robot uses Gundam technology

    Naoki Maru may seem like your ordinary factory worker in by day, but by night he is the mastermind behind the infamous robotic deathmatch champion, King Kizer. King Kizer has won the Robo-One tournament 3 years in a row, and has collected around $50,000 in prize money. Maru is responsible for building the robot, but […] More

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    Anime inspired bento boxes

    If you love great Bento art, the livejournal community, Bento Challenge, is a great site to spend hours looking at all of their member’s great creations. Every now and then, they hold challenges where they pick theme and everyone designs a corresponding bento box. The theme for mid June was anime bento boxes, and here […] More