September 30, 2008

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    Could you make it big in Japan?

    Talk about creative advertising. In order to promote a new Swedish reality show called Big in Japan, the marketing department came up with this ingenious idea. They hooked motion detectors up to a billboard, and when triggered will set off camera flashes and screams from adoring Japanese fans. Could you make it big in Japan? […] More

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    Jackie Chan in Street Fighter?

    Well, I didn’t set out for today’s set of post to be all gaming related, but everything that has caught my eye today has been gaming related. Since I was already talking about Capcom earlier, here’s a clip from one of Jackie Chan’s City Hunter. After being tossed around by his opponent, he lands on […] More

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    Top 25 Capcom Characters of All Time

    The official Capcom blog repoted on Gamedaily’s Top 25 Capcom characters of all time. I think anyone would agree that Capcom’s characters are some of the industries most well known, and loved characters of all time. Here are the top 10 characters. For 11-25, check out Game Daily’s official list. Did your character make the […] More

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    Her fingernails are too long for the Wii

    I bet if you saw that in your favorite magazine or a billboard you would definitely take note. That scary lady is Lee Redmond, known in the Guinness Book of World Records as having the longest fingernails in the world. To have a chance at beating her, you have to grow your nails for almost […] More