October 6, 2008

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    Japan’s bubble clubs return for one night only

    Back in the early 1990s, Juliana’s Tokyo was the place to be at night in Tokyo. The club was one of Tokyo’s most trendy night clubs and famous for its dance stages where ordinary office ladies would dress in bodycon clubwear, feathers, and be the clubs’ amateur go-go dancers. Bodycon is short for body conscious, […] More

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    Tomohiro Kato is mentally stable

    It has taken 3 months, but a psychiatric exam have determined that Tomohiro Kato is competent enough to stand trial, and thus able to receive the maximum punishment for his killings. I’m glad that this this decision was made as I believed he definitely knew what he was doing when he killed those innocent people. […] More

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    Making stripper poles more flashy

    I’m always posting articles on Japanese technology innovation. However, I will admit that they tend to be very geeky type of articles, so today I wanted to take a step back and look at a really cool technological innovation that’s pretty much the furthest away you can be from the scientific community… stripper poles. Japanese […] More