April 1, 2009

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    Mini Nikon SLR in Japanese candy

    Gilco is one of Japan’s oldest candy companies, and is home to the popular Glico caramel candy as well as the legendary Pocky. For about 80 years now, inside the Glico caramel candy boxes there is a small toy called “Omake of Glico” (Small gift of Glico). It started off as little toys kids would […] More

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    Space Invaders Bank

    Tomy has done it again. If you are old enough to remember space invaders, this functioning bank will trigger your nostalgia reflex. Personally I remember the game, but I’m too young to remember the actual table. We did have a functioning Atari when I was a child though. Ah. Memories. More

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    Storm-G would make me sick

    I love rollercoasters. However the one thing that I just cannot stand is going upside-down in tight circles. Big loops are fine, but something like Sega’s new Storm-G arcade game would probally have me running to the bathroom in no time. We all know that arcades are pretty much dead here in the states. In […] More