At any one moment, there are anywhere between 20-60+ people here on

Your company could be in front of those visitors, and the other 400,000+ sets of eyes that read every month. In today’s Internet marketplace, it can be very difficult to get your business in front of the right audience let alone make an impact on them. It can also be equally hard to make it cost effective to fit your business’s budget. I can guarantee that your advertisement on will be seen by the people that are interested in what you have to offer.

People love reading news and information that interest them. Constant updates keep them coming back. Is your company constantly updated? Does it draw people back every day to see what’s new? Many companies cannot claim that. So, the answer to the problem is put your advertisement in front of where the people go daily. On average, is updated at least 4 times a day, with some days seeing many more updates. On average has over 12,000 page views a day. Your advertisement will appear on each and every one of those pages.

Why should you advertise on

  • We keep up with the latest news, trends, releases that people are looking for.
  • All pages are optimized to do well in search engines by appearing high in the search results.
  • If you buy review of your product, it will be submitted to at least 15 social bookmarking sites to spread your message even further than the readers here on
  • You will receive weekly reports to see how well you advertisement is doing.

The latest stats

  • Unique Visitors a month: 235,000+
  • Page views per month: 400,000+
  • RSS Subscribers: 530
  • Alexa Traffic Rating: 38,638
  • Google Pagerank: 4

Archive of monthly stats

Full details about statistics including user demographics: statistics PDF

Graph of Monthly pageviews: Jan 2008 – July 2008

July 2008: WordPress Stats

Alexa Traffic Rankings: View Full Ranking Information

Alexa Stats June 2008

Alexa Stats June 2008

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July 2008: Quantcast Statistics

July 2008: Quantcast Statistics

July 2008: Quantcast Statistics

More visitor demographics: statistics PDF

Advertising Options

125×125 Banner (Right Sidebar)

Your advertisement will be seen by every visitor to this website. The sidebar is a prime location for your advertisement because it is what we call “Above the fold”. This means that when the visitor first comes to the site, even before he or she scrolls, your advertisement will be on the screen. The sidebar randomly chooses ad placement, and updates every 5 to 10 minutes depending on current traffic levels. If you need assistance designing a banner, feel free to contact me, and I will be more than happy to design something that I know will work well here.

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Paid Review

I give fair and honest reviews, and will be sure to highlight anything that is requested. Your review will be at a minimum of 500 words, which I will write, and will be submitted to at least 15 different social bookmarking sites to help spread the worth even beyond

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Free Review

I will offer a free review of anything sent to me on a condition that I receive at least 3 copies. The extra copies will be used as promotion to my readers via a contest. This not only helps spread your companies name in a positive manner, but will drive even more traffic to your site as I will give prominent thanks and links back to your product and website.

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Extra Info

  • All links will be no-follow to abide by Google’s no sales of links policy. What this means is that having a link here will not pass Page Rank to your website. Regular users are not affected in any way. (Only robots)
  • Sales of banner links are final. If for any reason your banner can not be displayed for the time purchased, an alternative means of compensation will be arranged.

If you have any more questions, feel free to Contact Me.