2nd Dragonball movie planned

Goku dies in 2nd Dragonball movieOk, this one is definitely a rumor, and maybe a spoiler. This morning Kotaku reported that the producer of the Dragonball movie, Tim Van Rellim, has revealed that Goku will die in the next Dragonball movie adapted for Hollywood.

Two things come to mind about that statement. One, we know death in the Dragonball universe really isn’t a final resting state. Goku among others made their way back to earth after death. Two, they are already planning another Dragonball movie without waiting to see how this one will do in theatres. They are either really confident, or have yet to read the current buzz around the blogosphere. Lets hope the movie is worth a sequel. Kotaku via El Siglo.

Dragonball Z Movie, Fail or Success?

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  1. Goku is supposed to be japenese and bulky so whats with the white guy no offense, but street fighter, mk2, and others were so far off and dissapointing. True gamers ,anime heads, and me would hate another p.o.c.(peice of crap).

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