Anime inspired bento boxes

If you love great Bento art, the livejournal community, Bento Challenge, is a great site to spend hours looking at all of their member’s great creations. Every now and then, they hold challenges where they pick theme and everyone designs a corresponding bento box. The theme for mid June was anime bento boxes, and here are a few of the great designs. If you love great bento designs, be sure to check out the Rockstar Bentos and the Dragonball Bentos.

One Piece – Sanji

Anime Bento: Sanji - One Piece


Anime Bento: Shinchan


Anime Bento: Keroberos

Sailor Moon – Luna

Anime Bento: Luna - Sailor Moon

Ranma 1/2 – P-chan

Anime Bento: P-Chan Ranma 1/2


Anime Bento: Totoro

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