GONZO streaming 2 NEW anime titles

GONZO streaming 2 NEW anime titles


BLASSREITER, New Anime from GONZONot sure how many of you know this already, but I thought I would post it to help spread the word. GONZO has decided to try a fascinating experiment with their anime titles, The Tower of DRUAGA -the Aegis of URUK and BLASSREITER. Starting today, it is being offered to stream online at a few sources. Never heard of GONZO? You should have. They have released popular animes such as Blue Submarine No.6, Samurai 7, Gankutsuou, Brave Story and Afro Samurai. I will be watching this experiment closely as it’s sure to shape the future of anime here in America if it goes as planned. Source.

Sources to watch The Tower of DRUGA online:

Sources to watch BLASSREITER online:

Do you think GONZO's experiment will be a success?

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A little bit about The Tower of DRUAGA

The long awaited “Summer of Anu” has come.
It is a season that comes but once every few years and during which the powers of the monsters within the Tower wane thanks to the grace of the great god Anu.

Each Summer of Anu, the armies of the Uruk Kingdom secure their strongholds within the Tower, aiming to conquer the upper floors eventually.

Decades of re-fortification and battle have passed since the infamous adventures of Gil and Ki. Their story has now become a legend.

Now, finally, the third Summer of Anu has arrived.

The city of Meskia – the first stronghold built on the first level of the Tower – is brimming with unprecedented expectation. In addition to the Uruk Army, preparing for their third campaign against Druaga, innumerable adventurers have been drawn to Meskia by rumors of a legendary treasure believed to be hidden on the top floor of the Tower.

A little bit about BLASSREITER

As the dark cloud of apocalypse shadows over the world, stigmatized heroes arise for reasons yet unknown

The story takes place in a city in Germany sometime shortly.
A puzzling incident occurs where a corpse rises in the form of a strange creature and attacks people.
The appearance of the monstrous undead shakes the nation as horrified people look at the incident as a sign of “the coming of demons.”

The city also witnesses the rise of that can incarnate into demons at will. Every bearer of this unique ability, while being condemned as demons, uses his/her power for different ends…

Some use the power for what they believe as justice.
Some lose themselves in the immensity of their powers and abuse them.
Some use their power to realize their ambitions.
Some use it for revenge.

However, all are eventually burdened with the same overpowering fate: to fight in a Battle Royale in which the lives of all “demons” are ultimately jeopardized…

Each uses their powers to survive and to fulfill their purposes.
However, using the extraordinary power comes with a price: their human minds gradually begin to debilitate…

An unrelenting and devastating story of young men and women racked with solitude and agony.

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