Hennako-chan manga gets animated

Hennako-chan MangaGonzo has just announced that they will create an animated version of the gag manga Hennako-chan. Hennako-chan is about a little girl who takes pleasure messing with people and things with her psychic powers. They are going to make a weekly series of six three-minute animated shorts.

Hennako-chan is a comedy comic series targeted at adult readers. The main character is an eccentric elementary school girl who has telekinetic powers that enable her to manipulate other people, animals, and even plants or objects by just staring at them. The series follows the helter-skelter daily lives of Hennako-chan and the people around her, including her family consisting of her very cracker-barrel parents, hot-to-trot elder sister, and a former stray dog, who are always thrown into frenzy by Hennako-chan’s super-natural powers that expose their secrets. (GDH)

The first episode will air tomorrow, April 25th at Fujiyama. Via ANN

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